Why The Micron Mill Wave Table Is Better

In this short report, Ian explains WHY the Micron Mill Wave Table is so good.

“The Wave Table is proving itself superior to almost any other wet gravity device and certainly superior to the traditional shaking tables.

The manner in which the valuable mineral reports on the Wave Table is one of its great advantages. As the photos show, gold reports transversely on the Wave Table deck.

Other concentrating tables have their concentrates reporting longitudinally. Having the concentrates reporting transversely permits the operator to set the Wave Table to ‘hold’ the gold, or other mineral concentrate, in a stationary position on the deck. This allows the gold to accumulate until the operator either wet vacuums it directly off the Wave Table or adjusts the unit to continually discharge the concentrates into a holding container.

The other great advantage of the Wave Table is its ability to recover the ultra fine mineral particles. For example with gold, it is not that difficult to recover the coarse particles. The problem has always been dealing with the sub 50 micron sized fraction. Now these valuable ultra fine mineral particles can be recovered at a high recovery rate on the Wave Table.”

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