Gravity Gold Rush

“The Gravity Gold Rush” by Ian Freeland was published in the June issue of Australian Gold Gem & Treasure Magazine.

Here are some quotable quotes from the two page article:

“We have all heard of mercury and cyanide being used in the recovery of gold. Now there is a dramatic shift in the gold sector towards a new age of gravity recovery devices and techniques.

..The Micron Mill Wave Table… is revolutionizing the recovery of gold in particular, in prospecting and small gold mines right up to the largest of gold mines.

..People are using the Wave Table for both alluvial as well as hard-rock gold operations…

The beauty of the device is that minerals will be recovered in their order of specific gravity. In other words, gold will form a line across the width of the deck on the highest part of the Wave Table while iron pyrites (foolsgold) will line up below the gold.”

Click here to read the whole Gravity Gold Rush article (read page 2) and see the photos.