Gold wave tables are efficient gold recovery devices
FAQ: Settings for small samples

FAQ: Settings for small samples


The majority of the samples I will be processing are drill samples of several kilograms weight, and I will ensure they are properly screened prior to tabling. Because I will be processing small samples, what is the best way of setting the table so I get the best separation for a small sized sample?


As the integrity of your samples is important….you should aim to retain all three products. The cons, the table residue and any tailings that leave the table. This means that, should you make a mistake etc….you can re-run the sample back over the table. So always collect your tailings in a discharge bucket.

Always wash the table residue off in to a separate bucket to the tailings.

Always run the lowest grade material/sample first and work up. This limits the opportunity for cross–contamination of samples, which is the most important issue. Consequently, please ensure that you thoroughly clean/wash down the deck between sample runs.

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