FAQ: more on sample sizes


G’day Ian, thank you for the effort to reply with these details. The sample is not a problem, but getting it allowed to enter Aussie is a big problem. What is the minimum / practical mass of sample required to provide a basic test on the WT.?


A 20 litre bucket full is a normal sample size, as it produces tailings, so three table products (Cons, tails, table residue) as well as actually showing  some visible gold in the cons, if the sample contains gold. A 20 L bucket is approx 40kgs of sample….so approx 25th of a tonne. One should actually see some gold specs.

A 10 litre bucket full is enough to produce some tailings, but will have less visible gold in the cons, for the same grade. So 19 kgs is ok…..and can be sent through normal post.


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