FAQ: getting samples into Australia


G’day Ian, thank you for these details requested. I am surprised the Aussie Quarantine Dept. will allow mineral samples from outside Aussie via post without first irradiation, physical checks etc., before passage to addressee? I shall discuss this matter with our most experienced Geologist, then organise accordingly.


You will need a Certificate/document (from a lab/uni etc ) stating that the material :

1.is not soil…but an inert  mineral sample like sand

2. was derived from below 6 m depth of cover

3. does not contain any organic/vegetative matter

4. that the sample is going to a mineral test lab for analysis.


Customs/Quarantine will open and inspect, usually.

Must keep weight below 20 kgs total for OHS reasons.

So go for a 19kgs max wt.



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