About Gold Recovery with the Wave Table Machine

About the Micron Mill Wave Table

The largest model, the M10, does up to 8tph and the M8 model about 1tph. The compact M5 unit will soon be released for sale. For their throughputs, they have very small footprints compared to conventional shaking tables.

The M8 is the same as the M7 but is set up to operate on Australian power supply.

Ian says:
“I have personally had success with the Wave Table recovering (particularly very fine) heavy minerals such as gold, mineral sands (zircon & rutile), tantalite, scheelite, stibnite etc. Because it is so efficient at recovering very fine particle sizes, it has proved excellent as a scavenger on tailings.

About Ian Freeland

Ian is the sole distributor for all the Action Mining Services product lines within Australia. Sales have been brisk with the higher world metal prices and Ian is receiving enquiries from all over Australia as well as from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Africa and Indonesia… and beyond.

“I have been in the mining, exploration and mineral processing industry for over 30 years. With wide mining experience including deep gold mining in the South African Witwatersrand. Also silver, lead and zinc mining in several Broken Hill mines. Also successful opal mining stints in Queensland and NSW. More recently, in both hard rock and alluvial gold mining within NSW.”

BE Mining (Hons I),

Ian is also a JP (Justice of the Peace).

About gold recovery

“With gold, the Wave Table can be used in the smallest to the largest gold mine. Wave Tables can be used for full scale production purposes, or simply as a clean-up/concentration device in the gold room. The Wave Table is now increasingly being used to recover gold from test samples of a couple of kgs in size and upwards. This form of bulk testing is quite quick and the quantitative results mean that one is not just relying on fire assays, particularly in visible, free gold deposits.”

If you are interested, Ian would be pleased to hear from you – How to contact Ian. Or just use the CONTACT form in the right hand column, lower down.

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  2. gerarde

    Hi I’m gerarde from Malaysia.
    I’m interested to find out the cost of this wave table.
    Can it recover micron gold from clay?
    I’m presently using aqua Regis but its hazardous.
    Thank you and regards


  3. Dean

    Hello im dean im also interested in how much this wave table costs
    Contact me at my email or at 1-406-750-7160 thanks

  4. Michael kisel

    Hi my name is Mike. Trying to remove micron gold from mineral based sands . I have read that your wave table will obtain or capture particles down to 5 microns 10,000 mesh. Is this really true. I am ready to order m5 wave table even have order# but have cold feet.would like to order this week, but have concerns that this may be to good to be true. I watched videos of m7 and m5 but never seen really any clean gold come of the table. I can understand how this machine works, but need to see to believe. I only work with 100 mesh and up. Spent a lot of money on products so being cautious. Please help me understand that this will work. Thanks, mike

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